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Current Issue

January-June 2023| Vol 11| Issue 1


Meditation research: Issues and limitations

The practice of yoga supports and accelerates the development of humans as it imparts the knowledge of the true dimension of earthly life and its purpose and potential. The ability to stop fluctuati...

Original Article

Effect of yoga and mindfulness meditation on quality of life in computer users with chronic low back pain: A prospective randomized active control trial

Background: Computer professionals are more prone to chronic low back pain (CLBP) as compared to the normal population. It has been reported that the 1-year prevalence of low back pain (LBP) ...

Original Article

Effect of Prana vidya practices on cognitive abilities of adolescents: A randomized control trial

Context: Prana vidya practices (PVPs) have been found to be effective in improving intelligence quotient and performance quotient previously. This article is the sequel to previous res...

Review Article

Money, psychology, and neuroeconomics

Money is one of the principal forces acting on human beings that dictate conscious and unconscious actions. However, because of its tendency to bring the evil propensities in human beings to the for...

Review Article

Happiness analysis: Need for cross-cultural interventions across religions

Happiness being a state-of-mind, it can be achieved by different paths as laid out by various world religions. Since the ultimate goal of all religions is inner peace, cross-referencing of factors t...

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